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underfloor heating

Stay warm with underfloor heating

Want to enjoy the luxury and comfort of underfloor heating? Contact BG Gas in Blackley, Manchester today for a free quote. 

25 years' experience

Reliable and friendly team

High-quality workmanship

The smart way to heat your home

Say goodbye to bulky radiators and waiting ages for rooms to heat up when you choose an underfloor heating system. Easy to operate, these systems allow you to gently heat a room from below with water pipes or electric heating pads installed under the floor. At BG Gas we’ve got over 25 years’ experience in underfloor heating and can advise on the best way to set up your system for maximum convenience and efficiency. Contact our team in Blackley to arrange a free quote.

underfloor heating

Underfloor heating for new build homes

We mainly install underfloor heating new build homes, fitting them whilst the property is being constructed. However, we can also install a new underfloor heating system in existing properties too. To do this we’ll carefully take up your existing flooring to lay everything out before carefully placing it back together. We offer free quotes for property developers and homeowners across the Blackley area. 

Water and electric underfloor heating systems

At BG Gas we can install both water and electric powered underfloor heating. Both have different advantages, depending on the situation.

Water powered systems use a network of pipes connected to your boiler to distribute heat to your floors. This system takes longer to fit and may require your boiler to be upgraded to handle the extra demand. However, it can be cheaper to run than electric underfloor heating. If you need to heat several rooms frequently, water is the best choice.

Electric powered systems use heated pads under the floor which are then connected to a control panel on the wall. They are often more expensive to run than water powered systems. However, if you only need underfloor heating in one room, or for short periods, this may be the better option.

electric underfloor heating

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